Pablo Gonzalez Tapia and Milvio Coiscou, founding partners of the law firm GONZALEZ & COISCOU, inform to the general public, and specially to their distinguished clientele, that they have amicably agreed to split the law firm into two legally, accounting and financially separate and independent business units. Attorneys Gonzalez and Coiscou express that the change has become effective as of February 2, 2015. Both Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Coiscou are confident that this new step in their career would help them to focus their knowledge, experiences and skills into the new specialized law firms, with the main interest in bringing more attention to their diverse clients. The new firms will continue collaborating in some common areas, specially those matters that they are currently attending together. Mr. Gonzalez and Coiscou has considered that the change is a reflect of the times, where the clients are seeking the support from more specialized attorneys in their areas of practice, while at the same time, having a better control of the costs of the legal services. GONZALEZ & COISCOU takes the opportunity to thanks all of those that during these six (6) years have been a part of our family, either as employees, or as collaborators, and remains confident to continue bringing more quality services through the new structures.